By Jay Shivar | Apr 20, 2020

Unless you’ve been hibernating in the woods somewhere, you’re aware of the social, emotional, and economic impacts of Coronavirus across the globe.  If you’re reading this at any time near when this blog was posted, you’re probably reading this while still at home under mandated quarantine regulations in your community.  No one would have ever…

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Protect. Plan. Prosper.

By Jay Shivar | Mar 17, 2020

I’ve worked as a financial advisor, coach and educator for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve learned a tremendous amount related to how clients behave regarding financial decisions. Most of the people I meet are happy to tell you about their investment portfolio, how well they’re doing and yet, they almost never tell you…

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Staying Focused in Turbulent Times

By Jay Shivar | Mar 3, 2020

Market fluctuations, volatility, bear market, recession, and on and on…WHAT IS HAPPENING?! As I write this post, coronavirus is a hot topic in our country and the financial markets are displaying the related panic that is occurring.  This morning, the Fed reduced the Fed Funds rate by half a point to respond to the sell…

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Understanding Life Insurance

By Jay Shivar | Sep 5, 2019

Understanding the Two Primary Types of Life Insurance Many people may think life insurance is just another unnecessary expense without realizing its purpose and benefits. The question to ask yourself is would someone in your life suffer financial hardships if you were to pass away? If the answer is yes, then life insurance is worth…

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