Our family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina from Colorado in 2017. My wife was born in a beach community and we both longed to live near the coast and be close to family. I have family in NC going back many generations. My father grew up on a farm about 40 miles outside of Wilmington and I spent summers on the beaches here as a child. Wilmington has been my favorite place as long as I can remember. When my parents were both battling life-threatening illnesses in the same year, we made the decision to move and haven’t looked back. After my military career and 15 years in the financial services industry, we decided to serve clients differently and do it ourselves…so we created our own firm.


Peak to Port Wealth, LLC
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We are an independent financial planning firm. We aren’t obligated to utilize one specific financial institution over another so we make planning decisions based on what is appropriate for our clients at that time.