Our family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina from Colorado in 2017. My wife, Wendy was born in a beach community and we both longed to live near the coast and be close to family. I have family in NC going back many generations. My dad grew up on a farm about 40 miles outside of Wilmington and I spent summers on the beaches here as a child. Wilmington has been my favorite place as long as I can remember. When my parents were both battling life-threatening illnesses in the same year, we made the decision to move and haven’t looked back. After my military career and over 15 years in the financial services industry, we decided to serve clients differently and do it ourselves…so we created our own firm!



Alex’s family moved to Denver from Maryland when he was nine months old, and he’s lived in Colorful Colorado ever since. He grew up on a skateboard and played soccer competitively, and has always enjoyed exploring the outdoors.  He originally attended the University of Colorado at Boulder to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering.  After watching family, friends, and neighbors struggle through the Great Recession, Alex decided to change direction, and instead make it his mission to help families navigate the ever changing financial landscape, and achieve and protect what matters most to them.  To date, Alex has spent most of his career on the investment management side of large financial institutions.  And while those experiences were invaluable, he found that he can make a bigger impact on people from all walks of life, with an organization that values clients more than products.  Alex is now in the business of helping families realize their most cherished dreams based on an unbiased and agnostic point of view.

We are very excited to add Alex to the team and increase our presence in the Colorado market.



Marc and his wife Susan live in Advance, NC. He has three children Callie, Caiden and Chase. In his free time Marc enjoys boating with the family and watching his two daughters play club volleyball. He graduated from Clearwater Christian College with a Bachelor of Science in Education. For the past several years Marc has served as an Independent Insurance Consultant helping seniors in the Medicare market. Prior to that Marc worked as a teacher and athletic director for a number of years at a small private school. He continues to enjoy serving and educating others on sound financial principals. Marc is excited to be a part of the Peak to Port Wealth team!




Chris was born in Central Florida and grew up with the old school values of his grandparents. He played soccer and surfed for most of his childhood, and soon found that music was his true love. Moving to Arizona in 2001 after school to be closer to his father, Chris developed a love for hospitality, particularly bartending.  After almost 20 years of learning the ins and outs of everything there was to know about the service industry, Chris decided that it was time to focus on long term goals.  With the knowledge and passion for customer service in hand, he set out to make a better future for himself and his family.  He made his way back to Florida and now resides in sunny Cape Coral.  Chris is excited about joining the Peak to Port Wealth team, and is anxious to make sure you and your family have a sound financial plan for your future.


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We are an independent financial planning firm. We aren’t obligated to utilize one specific financial institution over another so we make planning decisions based on what is appropriate for our clients at that time.